What is my first and second month's bill?

What is my first and second month's bill?

Our billing is based on the calendar month. Your first payment will cover 30 days of service, based on your delivery date (or activation date if you are providing a SIM number for us to activate). Your second month will be prorated, meaning you will pay only for the remainder of the days in the second month.

Example: Device/SIM delivered on January 15th. 25-28 days later, your second month invoice would arrive via email. This invoice will be for your second month of service, the bill would be for February 14 to February 28.

Then, going forward, our bills are sent via email on the 26th of each month, with a due date of the last day of the month, no later than 8pm PT.
Your March service plan payment would be due February 28th by 8pm to cover the enter month of March, with this repeating for each subsequent month.
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