Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Within 72 hours of delivery you may contact us to cancel service for a full refund. Devices must be returned in the same condition, at your expense.
After 72 hours of delivery, service fees are non refundable.

Buy back program: Refund for device if returned in good/working condition. Original device cost minus $5 per month.
Example: Paid $100: Return within 30 days $95 refund, 60 days $90, and so on.

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    • Do I own the account & device?

      You do not own or control the account. It will remain the property of our company. Your monthly payment allows you to use the service. Most devices are yours to keep and can be returned to us for a partial refund, kept to use in the future, or sold ...
    • Can I suspend service?

      Yes, We understand there may be times where you will not need service. Simply let us know you wish to cancel and when you are plan to restart the service. Most of the time we will be able to reactivate the same SIM card you have (see SIM policy). If ...
    • Are there any minimum service commitments?

      Due to the costs and labor required to setup new accounts and equipment, we are currently only accepting new clients that commit to three months of service. If an emergency or poor/no service prevents you from staying for three months, we will waive ...
    • Terms of Service

      No throttle, ever. In the unlikely event of a carrier discontinuing or throttling unlimited data service you will be provided a refund for any unused days of the month, upon request. Unlimited data, our acceptable usage limit is 800GB. (This is many ...
    • What speeds should I expect?

      The speeds of all of our hotspots (LTE/4G/5G) depend entirely on how close you are to the cell tower in your area, how many customers are using the same tower and which carrier you have chosen. We've seen speeds well in excess of 200Mbps from those ...