Purchasing a SIM in person

Purchasing a SIM in person

Our company is happy to send you a SIM for an of our plans, including USPS priority mail shipping for $14.99.

As a courtesy to our customers, we are providing the following guidance, but are not responsible for incorrect SIM purchased, changes in SIM acceptance by carrier network, SIM being incorrectly activated by a cashier, etc.

These packages will be available near cell phones, gift cards or near the register at Walmart, Target, CVS, Best Buy, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, etc. If they are requesting you pay for anything other than the SIM package ($1-$10) then that is not the correct item. The color and/or package designs may vary, but H2O Wireless and AT&T prepaid SIMs are known to work on our BLUE plan.  (Note: Cricket wireless SIMs will NOT work)



SIM cards may be purchased at most corporate and affiliate stores, you may wish to call the store before going, to ensure they will sell you a "SIM only" or "SIM kit" with no plan or activation. But we have not heard of any issues acquiring the SIMs in store. Cost is set by the store and can range from $15-$30.

Sim cards may ONLY be purchased at affiliate stores (corporate owned stores will NOT sell them), you should call the store before going, to ensure they will sell you a "SIM only" without a plan or activation. Cost is set by the store and can range from $10-$30.

PINK and RED providers do not accept "compatible" SIM cards. They must be a genuine SIM with the carrier name and logo on the SIM and/or outer packaging.
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