How is this different from what the carriers offer?

How is this different from what the carriers offer?

Unlimited plans offered by the carriers are ONLY unlimited for PHONE data use. Unlimited phone plans allow only 5-15gb of tethering. (the ability to use the phones data with your computer, tablet, or other connected devices.) That is the equivalent of streaming a couple of HD Netflix movies. Unlike an unlimited phone plan, our plans and devices can entirely replace your slow home or office internet solution for an unlimited, unthrottled, high-speed wireless data connection.

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    • Do you offer voice calling service?

      No, our services are data only. But, you can still easily communicate via voice and/or video with the following free methods: 1. Use Wi-Fi calling with your existing phone when connected to our data service. Instructions for Android & iOS. 2. Use ...
    • What if I have my own equipment?

      We gladly allow any compatible equipment, you may even be able to use your existing SIM card. Please contact us and let us know what device you will be using so we can make sure your device works with our carriers.  There are different frequencies ...
    • Which plan is right for me?

      All carriers offered provide excellent nationwide coverage. But, none offer 100% coverage across the entire USA. We encourage you to enter your address at each carrier's coverage locator and determine which shows coverage. RED coverage map BLUE ...
    • Shipping options

      All orders include USPS Priority Mail (3-5 days for delivery). Please contact us with your ship to address for a quote on faster shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express or UPS, which offer a guaranteed delivery date.
    • Can I have more time to pay?

      Due to our pricing model being prepaid, we are forced to suspend your account if payment isn’t completed on your billing date. We offer a 24 hour grace period for all payments and provide several days notice.