Do I own the account & device?

Do I own the account & device?

You do not own or control the account. It will remain the property of our company. Your monthly payment allows you to use the service.

Most devices are yours to keep and can be returned to us for a partial refund, kept to use in the future, or sold on your own. We also offer some devices that are leased and you may return the device back to us for a partial refund or dispose/recycle the device (it is locked to our account and can not be reused).

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    • Alternative device options & routers

      We highly recommend utilizing an official hotspot/MiFi/router device that is sold by the network provider you wish to have service on. We have experience with these devices and are able to help you with troubleshooting on theses devices only. Devices ...
    • How many devices can I connect?

      Each device is different. But they are a minimum of 10 devices up to 250 devices depending on model. Please refer to our to the product manual for each device to determine this amount.
    • What if I have my own equipment?

      We gladly allow any compatible equipment, you may even be able to use your existing SIM card. Please contact us and let us know what device you will be using so we can make sure your device works with our carriers.  There are different frequencies ...
    • Can I have more time to pay?

      Due to our pricing model being prepaid, we are forced to suspend your account if payment isn’t completed on your billing date. We offer a 24 hour grace period for all payments and provide several days notice.
    • Why did I receive a paid invoice?

      You previously enabled auto pay (button looks like these below)       then your credit/debit card or bank account will be automatically debited when invoices are generated (this is normally the morning of the 26th of each month).     If you have ...