Can I have more time to pay?

Can I have more time to pay?

Due to our pricing model being prepaid, we are forced to suspend your account if payment isn’t completed on your billing date. We offer a 24 hour grace period for all payments and provide several days notice.

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    • Why did I receive a paid invoice?

      You previously enabled auto pay (button looks like these below)       then your credit/debit card or bank account will be automatically debited when invoices are generated (this is normally the morning of the 26th of each month).     If you have ...
    • How to setup auto pay

      Once your full priced invoice arrives (this would be on the 26th of the month), you will find an option enable auto payments: When the box is "ticked" and you click "Make Payment", your settings will be saved. From then on, you will receive a paid ...
    • Alternative Payment Methods

      We're pleased to offer multiple ways to pay your bill. Please review the options below and choose the one that is best for you: Any Bank Account: The Zelle network system allows for instant transfers between banks. There are hundreds of banks that ...
    • Do these work on the go?

      Absolutely! These are wireless mobile hotspots and can be used "on the move". Think of our hotspots like your cell phone… you have coverage a lot of the time but not all of the time.
    • Can you guarantee uninterrupted service?

      The only way your service would be interrupted is if your signal is not strong enough or you didn’t pay your bill. However, with anything, there may be extreme circumstances beyond our control like a cell tower getting struck by lightning, for ...