What speeds should I expect?

What speeds should I expect?

The speeds of all of our hotspots (LTE/4G/5G) depend entirely on how close you are to the cell tower in your area, how many customers are using the same tower and which carrier you have chosen. We've seen speeds well in excess of 200Mbps from those that are close to a cell tower with 5G, all the way down to 1Mbps that are very far away. So you’ll want to pick the carrier plan that has the best and strongest signal where you will be utilizing the hotspot or router to ensure the best speeds.

If a customer is not able to watch a single Netflix stream of video, we would consider this to be an unacceptable service level.
All purchases include a 72 hour 100% refund guarantee. (minus any shipping upgrade fees)

Upload speeds (sending data to the internet) will be slower than download speeds. Today's mobile data networks are designed to send information to devices, instead of away from them.

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