Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative Payment Methods

We're pleased to offer multiple ways to pay your bill. Please review the options below and choose the one that is best for you:

Any Bank Account:
The Zelle network system allows for instant transfers between banks. There are hundreds of banks that are part of the network. If your bank is not listed, scroll to the very bottom of this page and choose "Download the Zelle App" button and you may use any USA bank account after setting up your profile.
Follow the directions for your particular bank:
Send payment via email, enter "" in the email field
Select "Send" and enter amount and "Review", if everything is correct, "Send"

You can also set up recurring payments. Be sure the payment is set up to pay no later than the last day of the month. We recommend setting to the 28th.

Google Pay (formerly GPay/Google Wallet)
1. Download and install the Google Pay app (iOS|Android)
2. Choose the "Pay friend or group" button
3. Enter email address: ""
4. Enter the amount. Enter your invoice number in the "note" field, if at all possible.
5. Confirm details are correct and click the check mark button

1. In the app, press on the "Pay or Request" on the bottom right
2. Enter "jmsinternet" in the username field
3. Enter the amount, type your invoice number in the "What's it for" area, Click "Pay"
4. Important: Be sure to not select "This is a purchase", that will add fees.
5. Choose your payment method, Click "Send"

Square Cash / Cash App
Get $5 free by signing up for a new account with this link:
1. Signup and link a debit card (if not completed already)
2. Enter amount of payment, press pay, the "For" is your invoice number, the "To" is $jmsinternet
3. Press Pay

When choosing a bill pay date, we recommend setting it as the 28th of the month.

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