Alternative device options & routers

Alternative device options & routers

We highly recommend utilizing an official hotspot/MiFi/router device that is sold by the network provider you wish to have service on. We have experience with these devices and are able to help you with troubleshooting on theses devices only. Devices purchased from our company also include a warranty for as long as a continuous service plan remains active.

Some of our customers wish to purchase their own device to access extended features. The most basic function of a router is taking an upstream cellular network connection and sharing it with multiple downstream devices over Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet. Some mobile routers can also take multiple upstream internet connections (campground WiFi, cellular data, etc.) and bring them into a single network. We do not provide technical support for devices that are not sold by the network providers (including these routers). The list is provided as a convenience to our customers.

When selecting a router, be sure to compare the "Performance Category" or "CAT" number. The higher the number, the faster data transfer can be achieved. This information can sometimes only be located in the product specs and/or the final pages of the product's manual.
Your device MUST be able to connect to the cellular frequency/band for the provider you are using. The frequencies/bands are listed here. You can locate this information about your device by looking up the device manual and look on the last few pages, these will be listed there. If you are not able to find the device manual on Google, then ask the manufacturer. There is nothing worse than getting a new device and finding out it does not support the network you want to use it on.

Once you've selected a model you wish to purchase, conduct price comparison shopping on Google, Amazon, eBay, etc. to find the best price.

We will provide a SIM card for your router and you'll be all set with unlimited data access!
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    • Shipping options

      All orders include USPS Priority Mail (3-5 days for delivery). Please contact us with your ship to address for a quote on faster shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express or UPS, which offer a guaranteed delivery date.